About Halabja University:

Halabja University is located in the city of Halabja, which is 4 km to the east of the city center. Its main campus has been carefully set out at the foot of Shnrwe Mountain where it looks upon the city and enjoys the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding chain of mountains and Sharazoor plains together combined.

The Halabja University was established in 2011 and has developed fairly prominently through constant attempts of bringing forward academic staff and conducting research. At first, it comprised of one and only college – The College of Education and Human Sciences – consisting of 3 departments. Today the University has 3 colleges, namely; -Education and Human Sciences, Physical Education, Science which consist of 11 departments in different fields including Department of Law which is tied to the university presidency not to any of the above-mentioned colleges for the time being.


The mission of the university is to prepare highly qualified scholars and specialists in all scientific and humanities fields for Shahrazoor area in particular and Kurdistan Region in general. The university strives to provide access to higher education opportunities that enable graduate and undergraduate students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their institution and provide leadership and service to their communities. 

The University of Halabja strives to become one of the leading universities on a regional and ultimately international level for providing and maintaining high quality learning and teaching opportunities, research, community engagement and publications in varies fields that are strongly tied to the needs and development of Halabja Governorate and the region at large.